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Submitting a book proposal

Whether it is an author's monograph or a collection of essays by different authors under the editorship of one or more scholars, we will require that you send us an initial proposal with the following basic information:

  • A preliminary description or overview, preferably not longer than two pages, including the tentative title and subtitles and if available, a table of contents. This summary should focus on your book's subject and give an idea of how that subject is developed or from which perspective/s it is being approached.
  • A succinct authors'/editors' information sheet highlighting your qualifications, affiliations and academic background. In the case of a collection of essays by different authors around a central subject, add the contributors' affiliations.
  • Marketing information describing the prospective readership for your book. If possible, provide names of institutions, courses, and programmes that can be targeted.
  • Authors'/editors' originality versus marketplace competition: list recently published books that would compete with yours and, if possible, provide a brief synopsis describing these titles. Mention how your proposed book will be different from the other titles.
  • For new potential series, we are open to proposals from scholars who are well informed about current research and in tune with the latest developments within their specific academic fields or disciplines. We are especially interested in research that does not follow trends but anticipates new directions, and in projects aimed at further broadening knowledge beyond academia.
  • Your manuscript. If already completed, specify the total number of pages, including index, references and all other sections. Provide information about illustrated material or any other special graphic features that might be required. If your project is in progress, give us an estimated date of completion and delivery, and approximate total length.

Upon receipt, we will consider your proposal and decide whether to go further with it and then we will request that you send the complete manuscript. If we have not specifically requested for a complete manuscript, we enjoin you to send the complete manuscript only after we have expressed interest in your proposal.

Once you have sent us the manuscript, the subsequent period of consideration by the editorial board is approximately two to three months. During this period we expect you to refrain from simultaneous or multiple submissions to other publishers.

Last edited: 16 08 2010