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Submitting a journal proposal

We welcome propositions of journal titles from scholarly and professional associations, academic institutions and faculty members, and non-governmental organizations working on Africa.

Journals provide a critical media for scholarly disciplines to effectively cover current development and thinking in their various disciplines. For scholarly and professional associations, journals can provide more than a platform for debate but also a lifeline to bring together practitioners and members of the discipline and the general public.

Journal management is however a highly complex endeavour that requires top-notch process to effectively maximise its potential. Journal titles require much more than excellent content and eminent editorial boards to survive an extremely constricted publishing terrain and dwindling library resources.

At Amalion Publishing we can provide the required advice and suggestions to establishing a viable and sustainable journal publishing programme. Key elements in our expertise that we can share include the following:

  • A feasibility study of the potential of the journals in the market place, including refining its focus, objectives and readership.
  • Draw up a management plan and programme for the journal title, including setting up a journal management platform for the journal covering the entire publishing process from submission, peer review to production and dissemination.
  • Design and undertake an appropriate technical production format, subscription and distribution model for the journal.
  • Market and promote the journal to ensure optimum visibility and impact among prospective users in the discipline and worldwide.
  • Develop a system for feedback and for monitoring the journal’s impact among its readership.

For more information and details of how we can assist you with developing a viable journal publishing programme, please contact us.

Last edited: 04 08 2009